Alkimiya Markets believe in educating all retail traders
before they enter the market with live accounts.

In Alkimiya Academy, we provide guidance from the
basics of forex to tailormade trading strategies which
could be of great help for traders to be successful
in the market in the long term.

Detailed study of fundamental analysis which helps
traders to understand how every economic,geo political
news from around the world effects the market.

Elaborate analysis on technical movement of the market.

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MT5/Expert Advisors

Alkimiya Markets does not promote the use of Expert Advisor or Robotic trading as we don’t believe in trading without human touch. If any trader would like to use expert advisor,we would like to request you to have a conversation with us so we could guide you on this.


Alkimiya Technical team makes technical advice with entry exit levels, and range of support and resistance levels for major products on a daily basis and those who would like to get access to it could register.

Market Glossary
AIG Manufacturing Index

The Australian Industry Group (AIG) Manufacturing Index measures the state of the national manufacturing sector. This index is based on a monthly survey of Australian manufacturing companies, which represent all industries, such as food and light industry, paper production, oil and chemical production, metalworking, mechanical engineering, etc.

ADP unemployment data

ADP Nonfarm Employment Change shows the monthly change of employment in the main sectors of the United States economy. The indicator does not take agriculture into account. The calculation includes data collected from about 406,000 private enterprises which employ up to 23 million people (about 20% of all employees of the US private sector).

Average earnings

The Average Hourly Earnings m/m indicator reflects changes in the average hourly earnings in most non- agricultural industries in the specified month compared to the previous month.

consumer price index

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) m/m reflects a change in prices for goods and services in a country in the given month compared to the previous one.

Current account

The current account records a nation’s transactions with the rest of the world—specifically its net trade in goods and services, its net earnings on cross-border investments, and its net transfer payments—over a defined period of time, such as a year or a quarter.

Gross Domestic Product

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. As a broad measure of overall domestic production, it functions as a comprehensive scorecard of a given country’s economic health.


Inflation is the rate at which the value of a currency is falling and consequently the general level of prices for goods and services is rising.

Initial jobless claims

Initial Jobless Claims show the number of people filing to receive unemployment insurance benefits for the first time over the past week. In other words, the indicator reflects how many people lost their jobs during the given period.

ISM Manufacturing

The ISM manufacturing index, also known as the purchasing managers’ index (PMI), is a monthly indicator of U.S. economic activity based on a survey of purchasing managers at more than 300 manufacturing firms. It is considered to be a key indicator of the state of the U.S. economy.

Non Farm Pay rolls

Nonfarm Payrolls present the number of new jobs created during the given month, in all non-agricultural sectors of the US economy. Calculation does not include military and intelligence services, self-employed citizens and those employed on private households.

Producer price index

Producer Price Index (PPI) m/m characterises a change in prices for goods manufactured in a country and sold on the domestic market, in the specified month compared to the previous one.

Retail Sales

The Retail Sales indicator refers to the measure of sales variations of all goods sold by retailers in a country. The month-over- month version of the Retail Sales index reflects a measure of the evolution of turnover at current prices in the retail sector in the current month compared to the previous month.

Trade balance

Trade Balance reflects the difference between exported and imported goods and services in a country for the reported month. A positive balance value indicates a trade surplus, while a negative one hints at a trade deficit

Unemployment rate

Unemployment Rate is a percentage of unemployed residents in relation to the total civilian labor force. In the indicator calculation, the person who has been actively seeking a job during the past four weeks and cannot start working right now is defined as unemployed.


Trading strategies

With advice from experts in Alkimiya Markets  and professional traders around the world, we would guide you to different trading strategies where you can manage your risk and make profit on a consistent basis. We would like to believe in setting up a risk reward ratio before entering the market and manage trades with stop loss levels.

We have developed trading strategies which gives 70 to 80% accurate entry exit levels which could be useful for traders.

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